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Scientific Competition

Azza Arfeen Research Competition

The Insurance Federation of Egypt is pleased to announce the commencement of “ Azza Arfeen Research Competition”,  which will be held on the sidelines of the Sixth Sharm Rendezvous, which will take place from November 9-11, 2024

 Research Topic 

The topic of the Research has to be related to one of the pillars of the conference Agenda

Dealing with an increasingly digital and AI-driven world

Reshaping insurance distribution and new products development.

Empowering the insurance workforce of the future.. Capacity building and talents retention. 

Scientific Competitions

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  • Entrants age should not exceed 50 years old on 1 November 2024.

  • The submitted research should not have previously won any other research or scientific competition.

  • The research has to be written in English Language.

  • The research should be original and not quoted.

  • The contestant should not have won one of the "Sharm Rendezvous" competition prizes for the last year.

  • The research should be scientifically documented with references and sources.

  • Research submitted for the competition will not be returned to the entrant, whether it won or not.

  • The IFE employees are not allowed to participate in this competition.

  • The IFE might have an interview with the applicant if need be.

Entry Requirements

All entries must meet the following criteria for the Azza Arfeen research competition 

  • Originality: Each paper must be an original analysis and must be the author’s own work. Papers previously published are not eligible. Participants who plagiarize or submit work that is not entirely their own will be disqualified from the competition without warning.

  • Plagiarism The maximum limit for plagiarism is 20%

  • Preparation: Paper adheres to preparation requirements. Click here

  • Entry Form: Entry form is completed and submitted. Click here

  • Deadline: All papers and corresponding entry forms must be received by midnight Cairo Time, 1st of September, 2024.

Paper Preparation Requirements 

All submitted papers must meet the following requirement for the Azza Arfeen research competition 


The paper must be written in English


Paper should be no longer than 15 pages and no less than 12 pages

Appearance and Format

Font should be Times New Roman — point size 12

Line Spacing 1.15

Papers must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.


Papers written by more than one are permitted


Participants may submit only one paper, whether as a sole author or a coauthor.


Charts and graphs should be “stylized”; that is, exhibits should be developed, formatted, and inserted into the document appropriately. Cutting and pasting direct output from statistical software into the document is not satisfactory


Datasets, publications, and other documentation must be properly cited.

Entry Form Structure

All files related to the Azza Arfeen research competition must be files should be submitted electronically

  • Header & Footer: Page headers and/or footers should contain page numbers and a shortened title of the paper. They should not include the author’s name or the name of his or her company. This ensures anonymous review by the judges.

  • Abstract: Paper should contain one page "Abstract" of no more than 150 words

  • Identity: Paper should contain a separate file with the following:

    • Topic No

    • Paper Title

    • Name Country

    • Mobile

    • Email

    • Organization​

Entry form

The mentioned files of research paper should be submitted electronically to the scientific committee of the conference via the following e-mails:

All papers and corresponding entry forms must be received by midnight Cairo Time, 1st of September, 2024.



Papers will be judged by panels of at least 8 judges from insurance experts


Papers will be judged based on  statement of purpose, thesis development, quality of analysis, and supporting documentation


The judges will not know the entrants’ name or companies

The Winner
$ 2000
$ 2500
$ 1500
  • 3 Winners will be announced on October 15 th  , 2024.

  • All winning papers will be published on IFE website.

  • Each winner will receive a framed certificate of appreciation

  • The first 3 winners will receive cash prizes

  •  Winners will be notified by emails in sufficient time prior to the conference  to start their procedures to attend the conference.

  • The organizing committee of the conference will grant winners a free registration to the conference and  a free accommodation during the official days of the conference.

  • Winners will be awarded at the closing ceremony of the conference.

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