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Airport Passage


Know more info about visa requirements for entering Egypt

Schengen Visa Requirement

Holders of a valid and previously used Schengen visa can use it to enter Cairo Airport and Sharm el-Sheikh Airport without a need to grant an entry visa except for the following countries (Syria / Iraq / Mali / Iran / Turkey / Palestine/ Afghanistan / Ethiopia / Niger ).


Holders of one of the nationalities of the following countries with a Schengen visa can enter Sharm El Sheikh Airport directly (China / India / Pakistan / Turkey / Morocco / Algeria).

e-Visa Requirements

A citizen of a foreign country, wishing to enter the Arab Republic of Egypt, must first obtain an e-Visa via Egypt e-Visa Portal.


 An e-Visa may be granted upon application on Egypt e-Visa Portal for citizens of some countries. Click Here  to know more 

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